PBIA Recommended Materials for Beginner Pool and Billiard Players

2017-rule-book-cover-thumbnailBilliards, The Official Rules and Records Books
by Billiard Congress of America

The official rules book has something for everyone. The official World-Standardized Rules for 8-Ball, 9-Ball, and over 30 additional billiard games. This book also includes official equipment specifications, illustrated instructional techniques, the Billiard Congress of America Hall of Fame inductee bios and updated records on the past and present tournament champions.


Jerry Briesath 539-Digistyle2GUIDESA Pool Lesson with Jerry Briesath
by Jerry Briesath

In the 3-DVD set, A Pool Lesson with Jerry Briesath, PBIA Master Instructor Jerry Briesath presents the most informative and exhaustive instructional DVD set in the world. An internationally recognized authority on pool billiards, he was named by the BCA as “The Dean of Master Instructors” and for more than three decades he has been considered the nations top instructor. This DVD set includes more than four hours of instruction covering more than 60 topics. Purchase now.


htppr-150x150How to Play Pool Right
by George Fels and published by Billiard Congress of America

This comprehensive instructional aid covers all the basics of pocket billiards. Cue grip, stance, stroke, and applying English are just a few of the fundamentals explained to help improve your game. The booklet also contains a quick insight into the games of 8-Ball and 9-Ball. The book is 14 pages long with 25 illustrations, also available on DVD with instructions from PBIA Master Instructor Jerry Briesath.


new-standard-book-150x150New Standard Book of Pool and Billiards
by Robert Byrne

This book contains great playing tips for any beginner level player. Get started with these fundamental billiard drills that will help exhilarate any student of the game that is serious about getting better. This book also includes one of the best introductions in English to carom billiards.

This book is built off of the 1978 bible, Standard Book of Pool and Billiards, Byrne wrote. Byrne is a champion-grade pool and billiard player, and an excellent writer. This new version has strategy for 8-Ball, 9-Ball, and trick shots, and is considered the definitive work on pool and billiards.


291756The 99 Critical Shots in Pool
by Ray Martin and Rosser Reeves

This book covers the 99 most critical shots and secrets of positional play. Let this world champion show you his secrets and give you tips on buying and maintaining your pool equipment. This book is 244 pages, contains more than 200 illustrations and also shows more advanced shots for 14.1 and other games.


51lm1ljarol-_sx326_bo1204203200_The Illustrated Principle of Pool and Billiards
by Dr. Dave Alciatore

This is an instructional book for learning the principles and techniques of pool and billiards. The book covers everything from the fundamentals (stance, stroke, aiming methods, etc.) to advanced techniques (English, carom shots, jump and massé shots, etc.), and is appropriate for all levels of player from beginner to professional.

This book contains over 250 color photographs and illustrations with over 80 clearly presented principles of the game. There are also over 150 video clips and 20 technical proofs that accompany the book, accessible via the book’s Web site and an optional CD-ROM.


play-your-best-pool-150x150Play Your Best Pool – Secret to Winning 8-Ball & 9-Ball
by Phil Capelle

This is one of Phil Capelle’s most comprehensive books written. Play Your Best Pool – Secrets to Winning 8-Ball & 9-Ball is a complete guide to winning pool with over 400 illustrations to help make learning fun. “Play Your Best Pool is a must-read for all billiard enthusiasts at any level,” said Billiard Congress of America Hall of Famer Allison Fisher.


pool-simplified-somewhat-150x150Pool Simplified Somewhat
by George Fels

This little book by a master of the game is specially designed to introduce the fundamentals and includes sections on specific tactics in various games. The abundantly illustrated and clearly written text describes the appropriate placement of hands, feet and cue; correct ways to aim and bank shots; the basics of pocketing and more.


pool-and-billiards-for-dummies-150x150Pool and Billiards for Dummies
by Nick Leider

Practical, step-by-step tips for players of all levels From Snooker to Carom to good-old-fashioned 8- or 9-Ball, Pool & Billiards For Dummies reveals the tips, tricks, and rules of play, covering the variety of the ever-popular games that make up pool and billiards. This hands-on guide discusses everything from the rules and strategies of the games to how to set up a pool room to choosing the right equipment, and is accompanied by dozens of photos and line drawings.

See how hard to hit the cue ball and where to hit it, the angle to hold the cue stick and how much chalk to use, how to use a bridge, and how to put spin on the ball.