PBIA Recommended Materials for Intermediate Pool and Billiard Players

beat-people-with-a-stick-150x150Beat People With a Stick!
By Tom Simpson

This book by PBIA Master Instructor Tom Simpson is a compilation of 10 years of Tom’s best articles written on various aspects of pool.  It is ring bound, 8.5″ by 11″ and 104 pages.  You can think of this book as 100 one-page lessons to help you play better and compete more intelligently.  Some examples of lessons included are: In & Out of the Zone, Sink More Combinations, Getting a Feel for the Table, Draw Like Crazy, Jumping with the Dart Method, Extreme Bridges, Forcing the Corner, Nail-Bending Focus, Hanger Management, and Straight-In Banks.  Tom is well known for his National Billiard Academy clinics… here’s a chance to get his training information at a fraction of the cost!

winningpocketbilliards-150x150Winning Pocket Billiards
by Willie Mosconi

In this timeless classic, Mosconi shares his expert advice on every facet of the game, from the essential fundamentals to more complex trick shots. Detailed diagrams and step-by-step illustrations guide beginners and advanced players alike through such basics as the selection of the cue; the proper grip, stance, and bridge; the stroke and follow-through; cueing the ball; and, hitting the object ball. Players of any level can improve their game by following Mosconi’s invaluable instruction on the finer points of combination and kiss shots, the proper application of English, and the speed of stroke. A section of practice drills encourage players to develop their skills toward mastery.

drillinstructorlogoDrill Instructor Books
by Dominic Esposito

PBIA Advanced Instructor Dominic Esposito, aka “The Drill Instructor”, a world-renowned trick shot artist and publicity guru for Predator Cues has developed a revolutionary book and DVD series.  The Pro Skills collection contains 54 practice drills guaranteed to help improve your game and confidence.  Each drill is clearly explained with both word descriptions and visual illustrations.  This collection which is endorsed by who many consider to be the world’s best all-around player, Nick Varner. Together they have produced one of the best combination of practice drills found anywhere.

percision-pool-150x150Precision Pool
by Gerry Kanov and Shari Stauch

This updated, second edition book includes the following: grips, vision and aim, power breaks, bank shots, combination shots, english, safeties, practice plans, match strategies, and contains over 175 full-color diagrams of critical shots, common patterns, and trick shots.

play-your-best-eight-ball-150x150Play Your Best Eight Ball
by Phil Capelle

This book is the most complete course on 8-Ball ever published. Capelle uses his ABC system to tailor instruction to all levels of play. You will learn how to play 8-Ball position, plan your run outs and avoid the most common offensive mistakes.

Big chapters on safety play and strategy will show you how to outsmart your opponents, and how to beat players at all levels of skill. Learn how to break clusters, choose the right group, maximize ball in hand, solve problems, how to practice like a pro, and much more. This book contains over 530 diagrams, all perfectly to scale, illustrated rules and a complete glossary.

aimingoncuttingedge-150x150Aiming on the Cutting Edge
By Todd Leveck
Written by Todd “The Impeller” Leveck, a Certified PBIA Instructor, Aiming on the Cutting Edge is probably the most comprehensive book on aiming for pocket billiards ever written. With over 500 pages and more than 300 illustrations, demonstrations, experiments and practice drills, the subtitle of this book is How to Develop a Precision Aiming System for Pocket Billiards. Learn all about the geometry of pool, pool physics, english and how to aim using english, your vision for winning, mental and physical alignment techniques, equipment and problems with equipment and how to reach the next level and beyond. This book contains tons of information on all the aiming systems out there.