Become a PBIA Pool School

The following are the minimum standards to be considered a Professional Billiard Instructors Association Accredited Academy:

  • Accreditation: Accredited Academy status may be granted only to a PBIA Master or Advanced Instructor. Upon meeting all of the below requirements, the instructor must submit an Application. The Application is reviewed by the PBIA Instructor Committee and may be approved, questioned, or rejected at the discretion of the Committee.
  • Facility: The Academy must offer sufficient area to provide a quality instructional environment. The “classroom” area should provide clean, comfortable, appropriate seating and writing surfaces for the students, and include space, furnishings, equipment, and lighting for instructor demonstration/presentation/lecture.
  • Tables/Equipment: Academies must provide basic billiard equipment in good playing condition: tables, cloth, balls, bridges, etc.
  • Lighting: Academies must provide adequate lighting over the tables and in the classroom area.
  • Privacy: Academies must provide adequate and appropriate privacy in the teaching area. Examples include a dedicated physical facility, an area of a retail establishment that is partitioned off from areas that are open to the public or use of a public poolroom during non-public hours. Students should feel comfortable and safe in the environment.
  • Staff: A Master or Advanced Instructor on staff personally directs and supervises the preparation and administration of the instructional curriculum and the development of the instructional staff. Staff should dress in an appropriate, professional manner for instructional delivery. Clothing items featuring the Academy and/or instructor name are recommended.
  • Technology: Video recording & display capability is required. Speed sensors, lasers, metronomes and other electronic instrumentation are recommended, along with other training aids such as special balls, stroke trainers, mirrors, gloves, and visual aids.
  • Materials: Academies are required to provide classroom texts and supporting course handouts.
  • Accreditation: The Academy must create or advance a minimum of two instructors per year and stay current with its annual PBIA fees to remain a Professional Billiard Instructors Association Accredited Academy.
  • Locations: A Master or Advanced Instructor may qualify for more than one Academy location. Each location must meet all requirements. Instructors with multiple locations pay an additional annual fee of $100.
  • Compliance: Academies must demonstrate that they meet these requirements. Qualifying instructors must submit photos of the facility (inside & outside), and a letter describing their ownership, rental arrangement, or permission for the use of the space. If someone else owns the facility, that owner must submit a letter indicating his or her knowledge of and support of the Academy. When there is a significant change (location, ownership, re-model, etc.), the instructor must notify the PBIA in a reasonably timely manner.

Also suggested:

  • Marketing: A professionally designed website is strongly recommended, as are email addresses specifically to be used for this business. Curriculum & course/lesson descriptions should be available both in print and online. The PBIA logo is available for all accredited academies and is suggested in advertising.

Click here for a PBIA Accredited Academy application.