PBIA Program Overview – Forms and Applications

The PBIA Instructor program is dedicated to:

  1. Providing quality billiard instruction to individuals at all levels of proficiency .
  2. Training and certifying individuals to become professional quality billiard instructors.
  3. Supporting and assisting PBIA instructors in their business of providing instruction services.

RECOGNIZED Instructor (Level 1)

In general, this level verifies that an individual possesses a basic knowledge of the sport, its rules and basic training skills. Recognized Instructors typically work with novice and intermediate players.

CERTIFIED Instructor (Level 2)

In general, this level is comprised of instructors seeking to enhance their knowledge, teaching methods, and curriculum.

ADVANCED Instructor (Level 3)

In general, this level is for instructors that want to become more serious about advancing their career as a professional billiard instructor.  Advanced Instructors may certify Recognized Instructors and upgrade Recognized Instructors to the Certified and Advanced Instructor levels.

MASTER Instructor (Level 4)

In general, this level is for all professional billiard instructors wishing to make teaching the game of billiards their full-time occupation.  Master Instructors certify and upgrade all instructor levels.

PBIA Instructor Confirmation of Ability

PBIA Instructor Reinstatement Application

Questions? Please direct all PBIA correspondence to:

Billiard Congress of America
C/O Professional Billiard Instructors Association
500 Discovery Pkwy, Suite #125
Superior, CO 80027