FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about the Professional Billiard Instructors Association

Where is the PBIA headquartered?
The PBIA is an asset of the Billiard Congress of America and as such it is located within the national office of Billiard Congress of America.

Billiard Congress of America
C/O Professional Billiard Instructors Association
500 Discovery Pkwy, Suite 125
Superior, CO 80027

How do I find a pool instructor in my area?
Please visit the home page and select your location to find the closest PBIA billiard instructor to you.

We encourage all new students to contact two or three instructors to see which one may be the best fit for their personal pool playing needs.

Where is the closest PBIA Pool School in my area?
Please visit the PBIA Pool School section of the web site to locate a PBIA Pool School near you.

If you can’t locate a Pool School near you, please give us a call as we have many traveling instructors that are willing to come to your area.

How much are billiard lessons?
The cost of billiard or pool lessons can range depending on a variety of factors. Please contact your nearest PBIA Instructor and ask them directly.

How do I become a PBIA billiard instructor?
Check the ‘Become an Instructor‘ section of the web site for all the standard forms, applications and requirements.

If you have any specific questions feel free to contact us.

There isn’t a PBIA instructor in my area, what now?
We are continually growing the PBIA, and our instructors across the country. If we don’t have an instructor in your area contact us and we’ll ensure that we can find an instructor in your area or an online program to meet your goals.