PBIA Recommended Materials for Advanced Pool and Billiard Players

talent-code-book-150x150The Talent Code
by Daniel Coyle

Journalist Coyle travels the world to discover the truth about talent in this fascinating account that studies how individuals can unlock their full potential and bring their talents to light. The discoveries put forth by Coyle come down to three main elements: coaching, motivation and practice. While these hardly seem like breakthroughs, Coyle’s discovery process proves fascinating. Providing detailed examples from a variety of different sources, Coyle’s work becomes as motivational as the stories he presents.


billiard-atlas-150x150The Billiard Atlas
by Walt Harris

Harris provides a detailed explanation of several systems he has developed himself, along with a sampling of methods and tips from a number of strong American players. He explains his “plus two” system, which involves a method of numbering that takes into account the change in the angle of returns as the cue ball origin moves from one end of the long rail to the other.

Of interest to students will be the approaches to mapping out umbrellas, tickles, and end rail first shots. There are ideas for handling certain specific positions. If you like billiard systems, if you want to learn some new ones, or if you want to follow the thought processes of a good player who not only loves the game but wants to share what he knows with others, you won’t be disappointed.

This is a self-published, soft cover, 196 page book featuring 72 full page diagrams, 22 systems and 14 techniques in total. The book is also available on DVD.


shosmovesstrategies-150x150Shots, Moves and Strategies
by Eddie Robin

Said 8-Ball impresario Larry Schwartz, “Eddie put more great players in one book than I’ve ever seen. With each situation, you get the different views of a number of top players. After you read this one, you will really know you got your money’s worth!”

“One-pocket is an arcane game of strategy, imagination and finesse that had never been treated in writing before Robin’s book in 1993.” says billiard historian Mike Shamos. “He produced what I consider to be the single most amazing instructional chapter in all of pool writing: in ‘Shots from the Past.’ In this chapter, Robin interviewed masters of one-pocket and collected positions from actual games going back to the 1940s. The format is one situation per page, usually with three diagrams, a title indicating who was playing whom and where the match took place, then a narrative of how the position occurred and why the master took the shot he did, and with what result. And it has Eddie’s unbelievably meticulous diagrams.


banking-with-the-beard-150x150Banking with the Beard
by Freddy Bentivegna

Banking with the Beard is a comprehensive instructional book on how to make (mostly) one-cushion banks. Players learn the effects of cut angle, speed and english on the bank path and how to correct the aim to score. These simple banks win games and ordinary players will soon be making banks better than they dreamed possible.


51vtjww1f6lAdvanced Technique in Pool and Billiards
by Robert Byrne

The complement to Byrne’s Standard Book of Pool and Billiards, this volume contains clear explanations and helpful diagrams for experienced players who wish to perfect their game. This book also contains many gems from his magazine articles with info that can be found nowhere else.



treasury-of-trick-shots-150x150Treasury of Trick Shots in Pool and Billiards
by Robert Byrne

More than three hundred secrets and showstoppers, explained and diagrammed by a master player. “The most complete book on the subject I have ever come across. I especially like the historical notes,” says Jimmy Caras, four-time World Champion. This book includes many diagrams, photographs, and line drawings.


wonderful-world-of-billiards-150x150Wonderful World of Pool and Billiards
by Robert Byrne

Welcome to Byrne’s Wonderful World of Pool and Billiards, a medley of instruction and lore from the best-selling authority on billiards technique. A treasury of amazing shots, inside secrets, and favorite stories from the renowned pool and billiards writer-the perfect armchair companion for would-be pool sharks everywhere.

Here, clearly explained and illustrated, are tips on improving your pool game (“Three Shot Planning”), unusual shots, technique in three-cushion billiards (“Handling Tough Leaves,” “Kilgore’s Opposite 3 System”) and clarification of the games people play (five pins, snooker, box billiards).

In his inimitable style, Robert Byrne also entertains with stories, sage advice (How to Cope with Sore Losers”), and profiles of top players- plus one of an infamous poseur. Sure to engross novice and expert players alike, Byrne’s Wonderful World joins the author’s unmatched series of books on pool and billiards, the most frequently player sports in American.


illustrated-encyclopedia-150x150The New Illustrated Encyclopedia of Billiards
by Mike Shamos

Billiards is the third most popular participant sport in the United States, and is a subject rich in history. With more than two thousand entries and two hundred illustrations, this is a most comprehensive book. From a cheval to zigzag ball and everything in between, this treasure trove covers the entire range of subjects through accessible and entertaining entries.

Recognized as the foremost authority since its original publication in 1993, this exhaustive volume has been augmented with hundreds of new entries.


the-straight-pool-bible-150x150Straight Pool Bible
by Babe Cranfield and Larry Moy

In Straight Pool Bible, Cranfield teaches the tips and tactics he’s cultivated over decades of experience: how to minimize cue ball movement, setting up the best possible break shot, knowing when to play safety, and how to handle the pressure of competition.