Stan Shuffett

Name: Stan Shuffett
Phone: 270-405-3216

Address: 402 Heatherton Cr.
City: Greensburg
State: KY
Zip: 42743
Country: United States

Instructor Level:

  1. Stan I am interested in learning how to improve my game. I see on your website that you do have lessons avaialable. I am 55 years old and have played on and off for a while. I see where you have coached / instructed some really good players.

    My question is would you be willing to work with me ? I do not have a lot of time to practice so when i do I want to be practicing the correct things.

    Please advise thoughts or comments…

    Ps we have met in Frankfort when Landon used to play some here.

  2. Stan, do you have any books available on CTE?

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