Robert L. Nunley

Robert L. Nunley, 7.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings Name: Robert L. Nunley
Phone: 479-414-6470

Address: P.O. Box 1842
City: Mountain Home
State: AR
Zip: 72654
Country: United States

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  1. Just finished a 8 week course Pool training school. Had a blast even though I had to travel 1:15 one way.
    I have been called the worse pool player in Arkansas of Pool hall owners, but no more. This class has help me and will keep help me for some time to come with. The knowledge and skill of the game. I have been told by many other players that they have seen an improvement in my game. It fun not to be losing 3-0 as much. And I know as I keep doing my drills and practicing that I will improve even more. My goal this year is to go from a low 5 to a high 6 or even a 7 in the APPA legal. I want to thank Bob for his time and effort that he put in to this class. You can tell he real enjoys helping and training people. Again thanks and LORD BLESS

    I give this class a perfect 10.

    • Thanks, Russ! I really enjoyed that class! It’s amazing the improvement I’ve seen in the students that were involved. You’ve bumped your game, Joe had pulled off a 2nd place in a tough State Championship tourney, Clyde did the same and got runner up for Player of the Year in his division. At least half of the players involved have been raised in rating or division since the class! But most importantly, we all had fun learning!

  2. Bob is a excellent instructor he has improve my game over the last year by a lot. I would suggest that if anyone needed a good instructor to contact Bob. He is very patient and will take all the time you need to understand what he’s talking about.

  3. Ive been playing pool for a long time, but I have alot of health problems so my game suffers because of back and knee problems.Bob took some time with me and came up with ways I could stand and bend that helped with pain. Hes helped me alot of other things over the years like my break and my stroke,safety play, and drills. Ive went from a 6 to a 9 over the years and I owe a lot of it to Bob Nunley. I would like to say thanks Bob and give his class a perfect 10.

  4. I’ve been fortunate to have found myself surrounded by very knowledgeable players/instructors in the relatively short 4-5 years that I’ve been back in the game. Quite possibly the most influentual has been Bob Nunley.

    I was able to take a regularly scheduled 2-day course with Bob to straighten out such fundamentals as the bridge, grip, stance, etc. Not to mention that he was able to show me thru video the issues I was having with severe elbow-drop. Definitely ironed out my stroke.

    I’ve seen my skill level in the APPA rise from a 5 to a 7. Thanks so much, Bob! I’m proud to call you my personal pool instructor! His class is a 10 out of 10!!

  5. I would highly recommend Bob as a teacher and mentor. His class was very informative and laid back. I felt comfortable and was able to focus on my game. This class helped me to improve my current game,and the tools he gave me I can still use today to keep elevating my game.

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