The PBIA’s mission is to provide quality billiard instruction to individuals at all levels of proficiency, as well as offer training and certification programs for those wishing to become qualified billiard instructors.

PBIA Program Overview

The PBIA Instructor program is dedicated to:

  • Training and certifying individuals to become professional quality billiard instructors.
  • Supporting and assisting PBIA instructors in their business of providing instruction services.

PBIA Instructor Code of Conduct

This is the standard by which all PBIA instructors provide services to students and commit to continuous improvement.

  • My primary obligation is to help my students improve their playing skills and gain a greater understanding of the game.
  • My instruction techniques will incorporate effective, positive teaching techniques.
  • I will maintain high professional standards in all aspects of instruction.
  • To ensure that instructional behavior is not misunderstood, situations that require some physical guidance properly position a student’s body will be preceded by a full explanation and a request for permission.
  • I will continuously strive to advance my instructional skills training materials. I will contribute to the development and success of the PBIA.
  • I will teach within my level of ability, and will not attempt to mislead a student or another instructor of my current instructor level.
  • I will not communicate disparagingly of any PBIA Instructor, the PBIA Instructor program or the Billiard Congress of America.

If you experience any PBIA Instructors not following the Code of Conduct as stated above please feel free to let us know at or 303.243.5070 x23, and we will address you concerns with you.

PBIA Instructor-of-the-Year Award

Do you want to nominate someone for PBIA Instructor of the year?

Download this form, and submit to the BCA.